Schöne Zähne für ein gesundes Lächeln!

Dr. med. Andreas Jauch, Dental Surgeon in Freising near Munich

Beautiful teeth are not just for the look and smile your neat business card, but they also affect your well-being. Many diseases, physical discomfort, tensions and fatigue may lead dental problems. Inflamed gums, insidious inflammation of teeth or misaligned teeth are mentioned here only as an example.

Therefore, the regular visit to the dentist is recommended. Dr. Andreas Jauch and his team assist you in the AirportClinic Freising with the whole experience of the classic dentistry and all relevant modern methods of dental and surgical treatment.

We recommend you therefore to use a routine annual inspection of teeth and the entire masticatory system, plus two times a year the convenience of a professional dental cleaning in the AirportClinic Freising.

This will help you permanently get your teeth, gums and the entire masticatory system healthy and in the case of emerging problems, these can be seen as soon as possible!

If you still have problems with teeth or gums, you will receive perfect and special treatment in the AirportClinic Freising! Nowadays there are a variety of modern treatment methods through which you can be advised by Dr. Jauch in detail. Please be certain that maintaining your own teeth will always be our primary targets of treatment!

You should arrange a routine check today for your teeth or make an appointment for professional tooth cleaning in AirportClinic Freising at the telephone number 08161/4943 995